ArtRage 2.0 Manual.


Welcome to ArtRage 2.0! This manual covers all of the features of the application and tells you what you need to know to get painting. The section titled ëThe Basicsí tells you all about how to use the interface and how to create your own paintings. For users of ArtRage 1, it also explains whatís changed and where you can find things that have moved. The rest of the manual details all of the settings available and how to use them.

This is the full version of ArtRage 2.0, with all of the new tools and features we've added since ArtRage 1. We've also included some extras in the installer. You'll find some sample tracing images, some extra paper grains, and some custom color pickers that show you the kind of thing you can do with them. Keep an eye on the web site as we'll be adding more things to download and use with ArtRage 2.0 over the coming months.

Thanks for purchasing ArtRage 2.0, we hope you have a great time painting!

Enjoy painting!

ArtRage 2.05 Details: Click here for information on the changes made in ArtRage 2.05



  1. The Basics.
  2. Creating, Saving and Printing Pages.
  3. The Tool Picker.
  4. The Tool Settings Panel.
  5. The Color Picker.
  6. The Color Samples Panel.
  7. The Canvas Panel.
  8. The Menu Bar.
  9. Resizing and Rescaling your Work.
  10. Layers.
  11. The Layers Panel.
  12. The Paper Settings Panel.
  13. Tracing Images.
  14. Reference Images.
  15. Shortcut Keys.


ArtRage 2.0 © Ambient Design Ltd, 2003 - 2006.
Ambient Design is a registered company in Auckland, New Zealand.

Technology Design & Concepts: Andy Bearsley & Matt Fox-Wilson.
Backbone Design & Code: Andy Bearsley.
Interface Design & Code: Matt Fox-Wilson.
QA Engineering, Icons & Developer Support: David Jenner.
Installer & Network Code: Mike van Bokhoven.
Unofficial Mascot: Tycho.

ArtRage uses the Goblin Cross Platform Toolkit, by Ambient Design Ltd.
ArtRage makes use of the FreeType Rendering System from the FreeType Team ( ).

Additional Thanks to:

Trish Jenner and Andy Bearsley - Tracing Image Photographers
Uwe Maurer - for Business Development Assistance.
Franko Franicevich - Ambient Associate!
Everyone who helped test ArtRage 2.
Everyone who used ArtRage 1, or contributed through ideas or donations.
Producers of caffeinated beverages.