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Instructions for using AppleWorks to write, draw, make graphs, slideshows, and other text-based tasks.

This is a great new art programme - look at the gallery of pictures made by other people, and get good ideas. Also, you can look up the manual to find out how it works.

Instructions on making animations. How to do the art work, animate it, put it into Keynote, and put it into a web page.

Taking good photos
Look at how to compose good photographs, how to crop effectively, and how to use your eyes before clicking the shutter.

Using Keynote
Teach yourself how to use Keynote, and then link the slides so you can jump from one to the other.

Bright Ideas for Keynote
Look at some things that can be done with Keynote - you can make animations, and movies, and electronic books.

Making a diorama
Learn how to make a diorama out of a cardboard box, and paint, and all the bits and pieces you can find around home.

Instructions for using Inspiration to plan in diagram or note form. There are two sets of instructions: one made by Miss Currie, and one from the internet.

Making a Newspaper Page
This is the complete design brief, with examples, of how to make the front page of a newspaper, with headlines, photos and advertisements.

Making Wrapping Paper
This is the complete design brief for how to make wrapping paper from a small clip from a KidPix painting. This clip is tesselated to make an abstract design.

Giving an oral presentation with a slideshow
This tells you how to plan your presentation, and gives a full example of what you see on the slideshow, as well as what you say to the audience.

Drawing plans or diagrams
Learn how to draw effective diagrams, side and front elevations, and bird's eye view plans.

Writing a formal letter
Learn how to set out and write a formal letter. Look at how to make sure it looks and sounds really professional and grown up.

Claris HomePage
Instructions for making web pages. Set up pages, put in background and text, add images, use lines and tables, use links and anchors, and final checks of your site.

Art Dabbler
Instructions for painting pictures with Art Dabbler, for beginners, for intermediate level, and advanced work. There are also examples made by students at Puhinui School.

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