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Checking and troubleshooting your site

How it looks || Preview || Browsing || Linking problems || Image problems || Hosting the site || Shortcuts

1. How it looks

The way a web page looks in Claris HomePage is not the way it will look in a browser. You cannot check a site properly just using HomePage - you really need to look at it in a browser to see how it works, and how it displays.


2. Using the Preview button

You can get a bit of an idea of how a page will look, and you can check how the navigation works by clicking on links, if you use the Preview mode. The button ringed in pink below is the Preview button. The one ringed in blue is the Edit button, and this is the one you use to actually make the page. Previewing is for seeing what it looks like, and how it works.

Always check your links in Preview mode - they don't work in Edit mode.


3. Using a browser to check the look

To check the pages in a browser, click on the Browser button, and then select the particular browser it will be used with. For our intranet, use Netscape Communicator, but for the internet, check with Netscape, and then with Internet Explorer as well.


4. Links don't work!

If you get problems with links not working, go back into the Finder, and check to see that you have not got any spaces in the names of the pages you are using. If you have a space, the linking will not work properly.

If that isn't the problem, check that all your pages are together in the one folder, and that you haven't renamed any pages, or any folders. If you rename a page, or move it, or rename a folder, you will have to redo all the links to it.


5. Images don't show up!

If your image doesn't show up properly in Edit mode, or in Preview mode, don't assume it won't work. Try it in a browser first. Sometimes you will get this (see below) instead of the image. Don't panic - just try it in the browser to see if it displays properly.

 Otherwise, check to see there are no spaces in the name of the image.

6. Hosting the site

When you have finished the site, it is a good idea to move the site to a different place on the computer (eg to another folder or to the desktop). Then check the links all work. This is a good way to find out if you used any images from other folders and forgot to put them in the site folder! Remember, everything MUST be inside the site folder.

So the folder doesn't waste space on the server hard drive, take out any images that you have not used, or any AppleWorks pages in the folder.

Then you need to tell Miss Currie that your site is ready, and she will put it on the Intranet server, and link it up to the menu pages. Your site is now live on the intranet, for everyone at Puhinui to visit!


7. Shortcuts

You can save yourself a lot of time by making your main menu page, and then your first page. Get the first page linked back to the home page, and make sure the fonts and the size of text, and any headers or anchors are set up and working properly.

Then, to make your next page, just go File - Duplicate to make a copy of that page. Rename it and get rid of the word "copy" after the .html. Then open it up and go into Document Options to rename it internally, and then just change the images and text. Easy!

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