Best Paper Airplane in the World
Information about how to build an effective paper plane, by Michael O'Reilly. Includes plans for folding it.

Sabertooth Paper Airplane
How to construct a paper airplane that flies particularly well. Plans for folding the paper included.

Joseph Palmer's Paper Airplanes
Joseph Palmer has designed a range of paper airplanes, and this site gives instructions on how to construct four of them.

Throwing Paper Planes
This site gives you advice on how to find the centre of gravity and the centre of lift for your paper plane, and shows photos of launching.

Activities for the Classroom - Air and Flight
Unit plans, resources, photos and activities to do with studying air and flight.

How to make things that fly
Instructions and plans (that can be printed out) for making a variety of flying objects, and also carrying out experiments to do with flight.

Why do planes stay up in the air?
This site explains the four forces that operate on planes - lift, weight, thrust and drag, and how they work together to make planes fly.

Flight Rules
This site gives you advice on how to tweak your paper plane until it flies perfectly, and how to launch it effectively.

Jean Batten
The story of this pioneer aviator, and her record breaking flight from England to New Zealand.

Richard Pearse
The story of a New Zealand designer and engineer, who dreamed of building a powered plane and flying it.

The Wright Brothers
The Wright Brothers are usually acknowledged as the first men to successfully carry out powered flight in the world.

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