Tom Bradley


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Tom Bradley is a writer, and these are the kinds of things he writes or does:

Animation, Children, Documentary, Film - Feature, Radio - Drama, Radio - Features, Storylining, Teaching, Television - Drama, Television - Sitcom, Television - Sketch, Theatre - Musicals

Tom Bradley has spent over 30 years in the public eye doing mainly serious TV and radio stuff like news, and just as long doing what he really loves to do - write.

He's written for TV, radio, theatre, magazines, and is the author of 15 books for children and teenagers, the latest published in the US.

Tom laughs a lot with his wife and best buddy, Dayna. He has two grown sons, David and Stephen.

He's a self-confessed "big kid" at heart, and doesn't mind growing old as long as he never has to grow up.

Right now he is scripting a 26 episode children's animated TV series for the New Zealand and international market (in production). He also writes for Can You Hackett,  a 'reality' TV2 series from Touchdown Productions. He writes a column on the internet each week, too, which you can read at www.xtrasite.co.nz/news/biggtown/

Tom Bradley is the author of 15 books for children and teenagers - the latest published in the USA -  ranging from family comedy-dramas to thrillers. He is planning to write more books too.

He used to be on TV, and has scripted and narrated a TVOne documentary, Happy Ever After for Nona Films (1999). He is a TV comedy sketch writer for Pio (1998).

He wrote the story and lyrics (song words) for two produced stage musicals, has penned dozens of magazine columns and is an award winning radio writer.