The Water Cycle
Information about how water endlessly recirculates through precipitation and evaporation.

Looking at water in all its forms, and what happens to it

The Water Cycle
Another source of information about the water cycle.

Cloud Types
Look at all the different kinds of clouds and learn to identify them.

Mr Fahning's Weather Page
An American teacher talks about rainbows and other weather phenomena.

Weather Maps
Learn how to understand weather maps and weather forecasts.

Weather Instruments
Some simple weather instruments you can make, and experiments you can do.

Extreme Weather
Find out about violent storms, lightning, tornadoes, hurricanes and other examples of extreme weather.

El Nino
Understanding El Nino and La Nina, and how they affect weather patterns around the world.

Water Goes Round and Round ....
A simple look at the water cycle, and what happens to a drop of water. Looks at steam, water and ice.

Wind and Rain
Weather science for junior classes - wind, rain, storms and sunshine.

What shall I wear?
See what kind of weather it is today, and then decide what clothes to put on.

The Seasons
Spring, summer, autumn and winter - why do we have seasons, and what are they like?

Global Warming
Our world is changing - this photo essay looks at how the warming of the planet, caused by man's activities, is affecting the whole world.

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