Life on Land

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When the pirates returned from their plundering at sea, they were ready for fun. If their trip had been successful, the pirates quickly used up all their loot in local taverns, and alehouses.

Often drunken pirates spent thousands of pieces-of-eight in a single night (in those days 10 pieces-of-eight bought a small herd of cattle!). Pleasures such as rum, food, wine, and gambling, made poor tavern masters rich overnight. In other words, the pirates wasted all the money they had earned very quickly.

Life on land wasn't't just fun and games. For the successful pirate it involved a lot of work. This work was carried out before the pirates were to sail again, and meant preparing the ship for the next voyage, and making sure it was in good working order.

After a long voyage, barnacles and seaweed would attach to the bottom of the vessel, and the bottom of the vessel would need to be careened. After a good battle, sails and rigging would also have to be replaced, or repaired. One of the most important tasks was to stock the ship well enough with fresh supplies of water and food for the next voyage.

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