Amelia Earhart
Read about this famous aviator, who flew long distances in the early days of flight.

Early ships were quite different from ships today! Find out more.

Rolling On
The story of the wheel and how it has changed over time.

Types of Transport
Find out all about buses, trucks, trains, cars and bicycles.

Train Fan Site
The site made by a young Dutch boy who is an avid train fan.

The History of Transport
The story of the different kinds of transport and how they have changed over time.

Transport Time Line
A quick look at transport over the whole of the time man has been moving around.

Transport by Sea
Find out about all the different kinds of boats that sail the seas, and transport people and things across water.

Air Transport
A look at all the different ways we travel by air, both today, and in the past.

Road Signs
Images of common New Zealand road signs.

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