Ecosystems in Space
Information about how a whole ecosystem that will support life can be set up on a space station.

Eclipse of the Sun
Showing what happened during the total solar eclipse in August 1999.

Apollo 13
The story of the Apollo 13 trip to the moon.

The Cassini Project
An unmanned space flight is on its way to the rings of Saturn - the Cassini mission.

Mars Mission
Information about an unmanned mission to Mars.

Nine Planets
Very full and detailed information about the planets in our solar system.

Nine Planets for Kids
A more straight-forward version of the above site, especially written for children.

Planet Twinkie
A story about some children who go on a trip round our solar system. Has questions and follow-up activities.

Space Explorers
The Telecom 1997 site looking at astronauts and people who have explored space.

Star Child
General information about space, our solar system, and travel in space.

Information about auroras, eclipses and sunspots.

Living in Space
Find out how you eat, drink, sleep and go to the toilet in space.

Space Place
Many different games and activities to do with this topic.

Space Stations
Learn how it feels to live on a space station orbiting around the earth.

Space Self Assessment
Text yourself with these quizzes, and see how much you really know about space!

Night and Day
Simple information about night and day, the sun and the stars.

BBC News about the Loss of the Columbia Shuttle
An explanation of how this disaster was thought to have happened, written less than a week after the event.

Simple look at days of the week and months. Lots of quizzes to practise these skills.

Design a Space Station
Go through all the steps you need to take in order to design a working space station.

Project Alpha: Build a space colony webquest
In teams of five, meet the challenge of building a space colony in a location of your choice in our solar system.

The Cassini Mission - Update 2005
It is now well into the mission. Read about the successes, and how to make a model, and for teachers, some excellent downloadable lessons.

Wikipedia book on the Solar System
Snapshots of the Wikibook on Solar System, as of mid June, 2005. Excellent information.

Startling news about Pluto, the small celestial body orbiting the sun in the outer reaches of our solar system!

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