Sound and Hearing
Information about sound and how it travels, and also about how we hear sounds.

The Atoms Family
Take a look at science information and experiments about light, electricity, and energy.

Basic information about electricity, particularly static electricity.

Find out about the electromagnetic spectrum, and colour, reflection, refraction and x-rays.

Why the Sky is Blue
Find out more information about light and how we see things in our atmosphere.

Floating and Sinking
Simple information about why some things float, and why other things sink to the bottom.

Floating for Teachers
Find a range of useful experiments that can be undertaken with everyday equipment, to teach children the basics of buoyancy.

What is Matter?
This site explains what matter is, and how it is made up of atoms. It also discusses compounds, solutions and mixtures.

What's hot and what's not
This site looks at the way heat is transferred by conduction, convection and radiation. It also covers keeping warm, and insulation.

Electricity - lesson plans for teaching circuits
This is a pdf of a series of five lessons and an extension activity for teaching electrical circuits. It will open in Acrobat Reader, and can then be printed out.

Year One's at the beach
This is a photo album of Year Ones on a trip to the beach in Term 1, 2004.

Different forms of Energy
There are many different ways that we can generate power, some using renewable resources, and some not. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Make and Do
You can make lightning for yourself, or make a morse code sender. Find out how!

Fun with Electricity
Have fun playing with circuits, and also doing safety games about using electricity.

Electrical Safety
Read all about the things you need to know in order to keep safe around electricity.

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