The Phantom's Portrait Parlor - Mighty Molecules
Guess What?
You've learned that atoms are the building blocks of molecules and molecules are the building blocks of matter. The Phantom needs your help to construct a few molecules and, like a true scientist, he wants to make a few models of the molecules first.
What you'll need:

4 miniature marshmallows (oxygen)

7 red gum drops (hydrogen)

7 green gum drops (chlorine)

2 yellow gum drops (sulfur)

25 toothpicks (covalent bonds)

What to do:

1. Construct models of the following molecules:

H2, HCl, H2O (Hint: attach the hydrogen at right angles to the oxygen)

2. Now construct models of these molecules:

Cl2, H2S, Cl2 O and Cl2S

3. Classify the molecules as a gas, liquid or solid at room temperature.

4. Draw diagrams of each of the model molecules you have constructed. Check your diagram with the diagrams in the Handbook of Chemistry or other reference.

So What?

When the chemical formula for a molecule or compound is written, it shows the number of each type of atom or element in the molecule. These numbers, called subscripts, are determined by the bonding between the atoms. In the models you constructed, the toothpicks represented the bonds between the atoms. In reality, some atoms give up electrons when compounds are formed and some gain electrons when they form compounds.
Now What?

Life is a chemical process! Indeed, chemicals are all around us and inside us. Create a table showing the chemical formula for each of the molecules you constructed, and identify a common use for that chemical. Don't be afraid to surf the web looking for answers. You might even find the Phantom out there looking for new molecules.

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