Toy Safety
Information about toys and the kinds of things that make them unsafe for small children to use.

Swartz's Ten Worst Toys for 2001
A list of the ten worst toys for children to use because they are unsafe for one reason or another.

Playground Safety
Look at regulations that schools have to follow to keep children safe in the playground.

Playground Safety for Kids
Two American boys have gone on a crusade to keep playgrounds safe for other children. They check them out, and give you suggestions to follow.

Bush Safety
Instructions on how to tramp safely in the New Zealand bush, written by three girls.

Fire Safety
Hints and ideas about keeping fire safe. Very American, and long pages to scroll down.

Meningococcal B
Find out about this disease, and how it is passed on, and also about the vaccination programme to prevent it.

A Visit to the Fire Station
In 2005, the Middle School children walked to the fire station, where they learned about how fire fighters work to help our community.

Get Firewise
Learn what to do to keep yourself safe from fires in your home.


Learn about the different kinds of bullying, and what to do about keeping Puhinui School a bully free zone.

Fun with Electricity
Have fun playing with circuits, and also doing safety games about using electricity.

Electrical Safety
Read all about the things you need to know in order to keep safe around electricity.

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