About Rainforests
Information about the rainforests of the world, and why they are important, and answering common questions.

Understanding Rainforests
A slideshow giving a lot of information about rainforests, including details of the animals that live in them.

Learn about the Rainforest
Information from the Enchanted Learning site, covering rainforests, food chains, and the ecological impact of rainforests.

Rainforest Animals
Looking mainly at some of the animals that live in the rainforests of the world.

Losing Our Rainforests
Learn about food webs, and food chains, and the factors that are causing rainforest destruction.

Rainforest Webquest
A webquest where you get the chance to explore the rainforest, and learn about the animals and the ecosystem.

The Magical Rainforest
A look at all the people, plants and animals that make up the rainforests of the world.

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