Find out what an ecosystem is, and learn about a marine ecosystem.

Visit Tiritiri Matangi and Great Barrier Island, and find out about the plants and animals living there.

Plant Terminology
The special words that are used when talking about plants; a glossary with pictures.

Ecosystem in Space
Plants can even be grown on a space station, where they are needed to form an ecosystem that will support life, and provide food.

Look at hugely magnified photographs of plants and pollen.

Department of Conservation
The New Zealand DOC share information about plant pests, and how to get rid of them.

Parts of a Plant
Diagrams of plants and flowers, and explanations of how they are made up.

An explanation of how the energy from the sun is turned into energy that helps plants to grow.

Plant Propagation
How to grow new plants from seed or from cuttings.

Explanation of how plants propagate naturally in the wild.

All about seeds, and how they are spread, and grow into new plants.

Native Tree Identification
Photos of our most common trees for identification.

Poisonous Plants
Picture glossary of the poisonous plants that grow in the North Island.

A Simple Guide to Parts of Plants
Learn about all the different parts of plants, and what they do.

Working in the Garden
This site looks at who works in a garden, the tools they use, and the things plants need in order to grow.

The Story of a Seed
Follow the story of what happens to a seed as it grows up into a plant in the garden.

Webquest - Mad Dictator of Maxomania
This webquest requires you to present a bulletin to the people of Maxomania persuading them that photosynthesis is essential.

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