Know Your Colours
The main colours, and the words. Activities and quizzes to reinforce learning the colours.

Caterpillar Writing
Learn how to write the letters of the alphabet - a site made by students at Manunui School.

Thinking Tools
This site is for teachers to print out pages that give helpful ideas about teaching the skills of thinking to a class.

Written Language
Look at posters of how to go about different forms of writing, print out instructions to paste into exercise books, and download relevant English exemplars.

Spelling and Writing
Resources for teachers to use in spelling and word study programmes, including dictation sentences. Also, print out starter ideas for writing in a variety of different styles.

Visual Language - Movies
This site accesses a large number of movies made by Puhinui students, High School students in the USA, and trailers made by professionals. Use for exemplars when teaching visual language.

The Puhinui Thinking Habits
Students from Puhinui explain what the Thinking Habits really mean, in their own words. Contains both written explanations and short movie clips.

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