The Weta
Take a look at New Zealand's biggest and scariest insect, the weta.

Find out about spiders, and how they live.

Spiders are the Good Guys!
Spiders are really very helpful - find out why.

Some insects are pests, and we try to get rid of them. Check these insects out.

Bees and Wasps
The similarities and differences between bees and wasps.

Most Wanted Bugs
Closeup photos of many well known bugs.

Insect Anatomy
How different kinds of insects' bodies are made up, metamorphosis and other life cycle changes. Sayings to do with insects.

Head Lice
Having trouble with nits? Check out what they are like, and what to do about them.

All Sorts of Insects
Take a look at many different kinds of insects.

About Insects
Discusses why we need insects, and how they survive in different parts of the world.

Bug Interviews
Elementary students from America interview some well-known bugs about their lives.

All About Wetas
A simple look at wetas and how they live.

All About Ants
A simple look at ants and how they live.

Miss Baillie has found out lots of information about locusts. Read about what she has learned.


Visiting Don Campbell
A group of children meet a photographer who teaches them how to take photos of insects.


Japanese Insects
Read all about the insects that Mr Read came across while he was living in Japan.

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