Exploring the Antarctic
Information about visiting the Antarctic, and how you have to prepare for it.

Explorers of the Millenium
A class in the States made this site about the explorers they thought were the most important to know about.

Captain Cook and his voyages
Read about Captain Cook, and how he sailed round New Zealand.

Timeline of Explorers
A time line showing when explorers lived and made their voyages of discovery.

Ships of the past
What was it like to sail on a ship in the early days?

How early sailors, explorers and navigators found their way at sea.

Exploring Polynesia
Hundreds of years ago, Polynesians were exploring the Pacific Ocean, and finding new lands.

Emigrating to New Zealand
A look at what it was like coming out to New Zealand to live in the nineteenth century.

The Mary Rose
The Mary Rose was a ship built in Tudor England, and she sank close to land. Recently the ship has been recovered, and we can see what life was like working on her.

Very full and detailed information about explorers in the Antarctica region.

Amelia Earhardt
She was a pilot in the early days of flight, and she died during a flight across the Pacific.

Maps and Mapping Skills
Latitude and longitude, kinds of maps, key and symbols, self-marking quizzes.

Tracking and Trails
Signs to leave when laying a trail for others to follow, how to track people or animals.

Finding Your Way
How to use a compass, stars or watch, to find directions.

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