My Dinosaur Site
A site made by a child, which tells you all about dinosaurs, and has lots of animations.

Dinosaur Jokes
Jokes and riddles, some made up by children, all about dinosaurs.

The Dinosaur Store
Visit here to find out about many different kinds of dinosaurs and what they looked like.

Making Dinosaur Models
Instructions and patterns you can print out to make your very own dinosaur models.

Lots and lots of information about dinosaurs, how we know about them, and the different kinds of dinosaur.

General information about dinosaurs and how they lived, the people who study them, and famous dinosaur artists.

How dinosaurs became extinct
A look at the different theories about how dinosaurs died out.

A Dinosaur called Sue
Sue is the name of a Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil found recently. It has been put up in an American museum where lots of people can visit it.

Expedition to Tanzania
Some Puhinui students emailed questions to a group of American paleobotanists working in Tanzania in 2000.

Dinosaur Footprints
Find out about Miss Currie's visit to some dinosaur footprints while she was in Portugal.

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