Communication Time Lines
See how communication technology has changed over the years.

Journey of a Letter
Find out what happens to a letter when you post it in New Zealand.

Looking at Computers
Investigate computers, and how they have changed the way we do things. Read about email "netiquette" and keeping safe while using the internet.

About Morse the man, and the Morse code.

People who made a difference
Read about the lives of Alexander Graham Bell, Helen Keller, and Louis Braille.

Radio and how it began. How radio waves work, and radio is important even today for communication over a distance.

An American site explaining email and telling us about letters and postage.

Breaking the Code
In World War Two, the very earliest computers were used to crack enemy codes.

Sound and Hearing
How we hear, and how the ear works. Sound and how it travels.

Flags and Signals
Flags of the world, and codes and signals like Morse Code and semaphore.

The story of how Puhinui won the Herald competition in 2002, with advice to editors, and how newspapers are printed.

Movie Making
A Welsh site teaching you how to make good movies, and all the techniques involved.

A site that explains to you how to carry out an interview, and take photos, and turn what you have learned into a website on our intranet.

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