Auckland City

Our City
Information about Auckland, Manukau, Papatoetoe and Puhinui. How they came to have the names they have.

Tour of Papatoetoe
Photos of many different places around Papatoetoe. Do the quiz and see how many you recognize.

Trip to Auckland
Photos taken on a trip by bus, train and boat into Auckland. Middle School 2001.

Auckland City
Information about Auckland City and what to see when you travel there - summer 2000.

Room 15 Travel Buddy
In 2001, Room 15 sent a bear to Wellington, and they looked after a bear from Greytown, and showed him all around Auckland.

Howick Historic Village
Read about how people used to live in a fencible village near Auckland, more than a hundred years ago.

Puhinui School is 50
In 2003, Puhinui School had been open for 50 years - since it was opened in 1953. This site shows photos of the special reunion we had.

2003 Trip to Auckland
In 2003, the children in the Middle School went to Auckland by train, bus and ferry. Have a look at their slideshow.

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