New Zealand Art and Artists
Look at the wonderful works of art made by artists who live and work in New Zealand, to get ideas for your own art.

Sailboats in Art
Look at different styles of art with the theme of sailboats on the water. Get ideas for your own art work.

Bush Art
Lots of different ideas as to how you can do interesting paintings of the New Zealand bush.

Skyscapes in Art
This site will give you lots of ideas as to how you can paint an interesting sky in your art work.

Trees and Flowers
Look at how artists paint flowers and trees, including trees in autumn colouring.

Asian Arts
Japanese and Chinese art, with details of Willow Pattern china, and the Willow Pattern story.

Space Art
Look at how you can do art work (on paper and on the computer) about space, planets, and weird and wonderful worlds.

Buildings in Art
Look at how artists paint buildings, including a lot of photos of old sheds and barns.

Framing Your Art
Here you can learn how to frame your art to look magnificent. Learn the colour rules, and get lots of different ideas.

Mrs Anderson's Painting Tips
Mrs Anderson gives you a lot of good advice about how to draw great portraits, and landscapes, and how to use colour and shading in your art work.

Essentially New Zealand
Photos and paintings to give you ideas when you are drawing or painting New Zealand scenes, mainly in the country and landscapes.

Egyptian Art and Artists
Look at examples of modern art by Egyptian artists, and also see the rules of how the Ancient Egyptians drew people.

Papatoetoe Art Exhibition 2004
Get some good ideas from looking at children's art from all the schools in Papatoetoe.

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