Animals and their Welfare

Animal Welfare Issues
Look at both sides of animal welfare issues and make up your own mind. Caution - some images are disturbing.

Owning a Pet
Find out what the responsibilities of owning a pet are.

Miss Tatana is getting a cat!
Good advice for anyone who is thinking of getting a cat for a pet.

Working Dogs
Many dogs work for a living, and here you can find out about many of the important jobs they do to help people.

Guide Dogs for the Blind
Breeding, training and working with guide dogs who help blind people to move around freely.

I like children, but ...
See what dogs think of children!

Go on a virtual trip to Tiritiri Matangi Island, and to Great Barrier Island, and learn all about the plants, animals and people there.

Find out about what happens at a rodeo. Decide whether or not it is cruel to the animals involved.

Duck Shooting
Learn about ducks, hunters, and bird dogs. Also read about protesters who think duck shooting is cruel.

An easy site that looks at how we decide which animals are mammals, and which are not.

Farm Babies
Look at birds and mammals that are found on a farm, and see what their babies are called.

The Kiwi
Detailed information all about the kiwi, and how it is endangered, and how to help it survive.

New Zealand Native Birds
A look at native birds, some of which are endangered and some not. Hear their song, and find out why some of them are endangered.

Hyperstudio stacks about animals
Stacks made by senior students in 2000, covering poaching, taking pets to the vet, and amphibians.

Zoo Habitat Webquest
A webquest for groups of students, designing an ideal zoo habitat for the animal of their choice.

Our nearest animal relatives are primates, and this site contains two huge slideshows looking at their behaviour, and at conservation issues.

What happens in a zoo?
A look at what goes on behind the scenes, with the many different kinds of people who work in a zoo.

A history of zoos
Zoos have changed a lot over the years, and this looks at how they have changed, and why.

Polar Bears
Find out how polar bears survive in the cold ice and snow of the Arctic Circle.

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