Senior School Sites

Find out about Historical Heroes
Think of a name and look it up!

Biographies of famous people
What have these people done that makes them famous?

Search for more famous people!
Visit on-line biographies!

Explore the lives of many great achievers from the past!
Can you find some people who really changed their world?

Hyper History - Timeline of heroes
Look at 'People Index' and choose a time period!

Biographies for kids!
Mahatma Ghandi, Amelia Earheart, Martin Luther King, and many more...

Heroes & Icons
Who are the top 100?

Our land, our people, our heroes!
New Zealanders to aspire to!

Find out about heaps more famous people
Discover some interesting things different kinds of heroes!

What do you know about Cartoon Villians?
Why does every hero story need a villian?

Top Children's book heroes!
Find out who are children's most popular book heroes as voted by kids.

Kid Heroes
Cartoon kids to save the world?

Robin Hood -Hero or Villain???
Make up your own mind.....

Greek heroes and villains
Who were the Greek heroes  & villains?

More Greek myths, heroes & Villains
Do you know the story behind the hero?

Top Ten Greek heroes
Who was the top Greek hero?

Why do we choose heroes?
What is heroism?

Heroes & Heroines
What is a hero?  Who are your heroes?

New Zealand heroes
Who are our greatest achievers?

Unsung heroes
Who is a hero in your eyes?.

EPIC - on line Encyclopedia for kids
Enter a topic or question?

Ancient Heroes Webquest
How have qualities of heroes changed over time?

Heroes Webquest
What makes a hero in our modern society?
Heroes Webquest 2
Be a Space Hero.  What qualities do you need to have?
Math games
Try these great Place Value games
Room 3 Wiki
Link to Room 3 Wikispace
Maths & Spelling
Test your skills at Tutpup
Cool Activities
Learn while you have fun
Great math games
Can you beat the challenge?
Mind Your Language!
Check out your spelling and grammar skills
Using Inspiration
Some good ideas for using Inspiration to help your thinking
Find the synonyms
Use a Dictionary
Find words, puzzles, & activities
Natural Heritage Collection
Awesome site - great nature pics
Books Books Books
Review a book from our library and comment on other reviews.

Share your opinions!
Wicked games to learn from!
Try and solve the puzzles

New Zealand Authors
Information about many well-known New Zealand authors and their books.

Famous Authors
Find out about authors like Lemony Snickett, Andy Griffiths, Dick King Smith, Anne Fine, Judy Blume ... and many more!