Middle School Sites

Polynesia - (sites on our Intranet from past years)
What do you want to know the people of Polynesia?

Polynesia Wiki
What island groups make up Polynesia?

Polynesian Art
Find out about Polynesian Art!

Find out about Niue

Melanesia or Polynesia?
Find out where Polynesian is.

What do you know about Tahiti?

Polynesia in Manukau
What about Polynesian art & culture in Manukau?
Go to the links page

Find out about Tonga

Cook Island Culture
Life in the Cook Islands.

Find out more!
Arts and Crafts of Polynesia
Look at the patterns.  Can you try to make some?
Maori Culture & History
Find out about Maori
Pacifika TKI
Find some interesting info. You might even get some of your work sent in. Great site for kids!
Pasifika activities
Find out about Pacific countries

The Islands of Polynesia
Find out some interesting stuff about any Pacific Island.
Explore Nutrition
Eating - fun & facts.  What foods are good for you?
Our Pacific
Where places are in the Pacific
Food to cook & eat
A webquest & Links to good sites
Values in Friendship
What values do we want in our friends?
Find out more about everything!
Coral Reef Webquest
Explore a coral reef to find out how it works!

Natural Heritage Collection
Awesome site - great pics!
Great maths games
Can you beat the challenge?
Reading - Phonics Activities
Have fun with words and pictures.