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Adding text to your card

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1. It is NOT a good idea to just click on the text tool in the toolbox, and type in words. If you do this, the words are painted on the background. You can't delete them, or change them - you have to use the eraser to rub them out.


2. The best way to put words in, is to add a text object. Do this by either going Objects - Add a Text Object, or by using the shortcut Apple - T.


When you do this, you will get a red box on your card, like the one above. Click somewhere outside the box.


3. You will now see this window. This is where you tell HyperStudio what you want the text to look like. You give the text a colour in the Text box, and usually you will leave the background, and untick Draw scroll bar, and Scrollable. Only leave those ticked if you want to have a scrolling text box.

Now click on Style at the bottom left of the window.


4. This gives you another window where you can select the font you want (and you will be able to see what it looks like in the right hand window). You can also change the text colour, and make it bold, and change the size. Down the bottom you can also centre the text, or left or right align it if you want.

When you have made all the changes you want, click OK.


5. You will now be back at the first window. If you are happy, click OK again. You will be able to click on the Browse tool and write in your words - but they will be in a white box, like this:

But often you don't want a white background to your text - you want the text box to be transparent, so you can see the background through it. If you want a transparent background, click on the button Features to get this window.

You will get a window warning you that you can't scroll it, but that's fine - just click OK, and OK again.

Your text box will now not have a coloured background - it will be transparent.


6. Now you have a text box, but no writing! When you are back to the card, you need to click on the Browse tool (the hand in the toolbox), and then you will see the cursor in your text box. Just start typing to put in the words you want.


You can stretch the corners of your box bigger or smaller, and move the box around the card, by going into the Edit tool (the arrow), and dragging with the mouse.


7. You will probably want to make changes to your font, or your size, or text colour. It is quite simple to open up the windows you need again. Click on the Edit tool (the arrow in the toolbox), and double click on the textbox. This will open the windows up again, and you can make the changes you want.


8. If you leave your text the way it is, people might be looking at your card, and lean on the keyboard and mess up your writing. When you have finished putting everything you want in your text box (and CHECKED it!), you can make the text Read only, which means the cursor disappears, and you can't change the writing. (Of course you can always unclick Read only afterwards and fix anything up you missed the first time).

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