Welcome to the Learning Object Collection. This resource provides teachers and students with quick, easy access to just over 200 learning objects developed as part of The Le@rning Federation (TLF) initiative.
To access these learning objects, click on the links below to install the required software version:

Helpdesk support

If you have any problems using this CD-ROM contact the ICT Helpdesk free phone number, 0800 2255-42.

Please Note: Windows XP Users:
Ask your school network administrator to install this software. Windows XP runs an older version of Flash Player, which must be upgraded in order to access the learning objects. Click on the instructions below:
Viewing TLF Flash learning objects in Windows XP.

We ask that you read the Conditions of Use before accessing the learning objects. This document outlines what is permitted and what is not permitted to be done with content developed by The Le@rning Federation.